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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 7
Tali’s song ends, and she hops down off the stage, giving high fives and hugs to all her friends, even the new additions to the group. Jaye loved his friends for that, accepting people almost instantly. Well, here I go, he thought to himself. He made eye contact with Skye, gave her a wink and ran to the stage.
“Uh oh, I think he likes you!” teases Tali and Jem simultaneously at Skye.
The lyric screen flashes the title of the song: “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven. Jaye ensures Skye looks up as he begins the song and points to her in motion to the dance he was doing to the music. As he sung, this time more than the others, one could feel emotion and feeling behind certain bits of the lyrics. He was definitely passionate this time, more so than before. Gar, Jem, and Tali all sing along, and lock arms, dragging in Henry and Skye, attempting to get them to join in on the chorus.
He leans over the stage as he sings, “I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be
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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 6
Skye watched as the world came back to life around her.
“Very interesting.” She mused to herself more than anything. She looked in Jaye’s direction as she felt him pull her.
“Well, time to party!” Henry would say with a very childlike giggle as he followed Jaye. Skye would roll her eyes at him before giving way and following them. As they stopped near the stage, Skye would proceed to awkwardly bop around. She did use to come here a lot, but since everything that happened, the Vixen felt out of her element. Henry would dance with Skye to try and cheer her up.
“Move it chicka!”
“I’m too old for this!” She joked.
“Well fuck! If I’d known I’d brought a grandma, I would have just left your ass at the bar!”
Skye would gently push his head away from her in a joking manner, “Fine. I’ll show you I’m not a party pooper!” She would exclaim. “After the next one though.”
Henry wou
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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 5
Skye would keep her face in her paws for a bit before resting her head in her arms on the table. Henry would try to the best of his abilities to console her.
“I’m so sorry Henry, I can’t. I Just can’t.” She would whimper over the sounds of someone singing the lyrics to lose yourself.
“No. Skye! It’s okay! Really! You were great! I’m just really sorry for putting you through this. I really shouldn’t have!” Henry would hug her tight.
“It’s okay… Let’s just...I dunno” Skye’s ears would droop and her large tail would curl around her feet once more. As the two sat there attempting to console each other. Henry would hear a familiar voice.
“Hey man! How’s life?!” Henry would ask. He would then notice two more people walk over. “Hey… Skye, Incredible Hulk six o’clock.” Skye would turn around to notice a slightly familiar kitsune who would come to her shop so
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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 4
Jaye hurried up the stairs with Ezrea, knowing that Jem and Tali at the very least had beaten them there. As he got to the platform outside the door, he saw the usual suspects: Jem and Tali, Lang, Luca, and Jem’s friend Gar, a very tall lynx. Jem and Tali were smoking cigarettes, the rest just standing there talking and joking about various things. A chorus of “Ey” could be heard as the duo approached their friends.
“Ey, Ez! I haven’t seen you out in a bit. You finally pull that stick out of your ass?” jabs Luca jokingly. He had a half-cocked grin, and was obviously bracing himself for a retort of some kind.
“I don’t have energy for you today Luca, count yourself lucky,” is all Ezrea would reply with. He breezed past the group and entered the bar.
A song erupted, Jaye could barely hear it, but he knew he recognized it. “Now the dark begins..” he caught through the screened emergency exit door and crowd of people inside.
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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 3
After a few more hours of uneventful cleaning and closing up the store, Skye was more than happy to turn off the lights and head up the hidden staircase to her lofty apartment.
“Home, sweet home” she breathed in a sigh of relief to herself.
The vixen would begin to take off her work clothes as she walked to her room dropping them as a wadded ball into the laundry basket that sat next to her bedroom door.
“Mmmm…..I wonder what time it is?” she would lazily meander over to her bed and look at the clock, which read seven ten.
“Fifty minutes till rendezvous.” she groaned.
It wasn’t that she didn’t look forward to hanging out with her friends, she just preferred a night in, with her favorite wine (or liquor depending on the night) and a good book, or movie. Sometimes she’d sit in the living room and skype with her friend Mehoe, who was a short haired cat with dark fur with black stripes.
“Huh… I wonder how he and his br
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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 2
Jaye sat at his desk, bored out of his mind. Working the helpline for a magitech company was too easy for him. He is one of the smartest in the company; everyone respects this Kitsune and his natural prowess for magitech. Jaye stood about five foot seven, his fur mainly being a silvery gray, with blue tribal patterns. He felt his good friend’s approach before hearing or seeing him. The friend and coworker, a ginger Catfolk by the name of Jem, came through the door to their section of the office.
“Yo Jaye! Connery at Wimbledon?” said Jem in that playful voice of his.
“By my two tails you know it!” Jay responded as he looked at the clock. He only had about half an hour before he would leave for the day. “Tali going with you Jem?”
“Hell to the yes man!”
They both laughed and talked until the work day was over. Mostly about the latest developments in magitech. At points other coworkers would chime in with things they had heard, opinions
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Jaye and Skye's Story CH. 1
   The sounds of items of items clattering to the floor disturb the silence of the tiny cafe/ bookstore.
   “Damn it all!”
Several customers looked to the direction of a tall busty vixen, with white fur and mint tribal tattoos, as she turned to pick up the various items that had scattered to the floor.
“Fuck this overly fluffy tail.” She growls to herself. Returning the items to the shelf where they belonged, a queer voice filled her ears.
   “Daaaaamn Skye! Back at it again with the knocking shit down.” She would turn to see her overly flamboyant friend Henry, a short muddy brown haired wizard with cheery hazel eyes, peering over the counter at her.
   “That meme is as bad as your taste in men.” Skye retorted, turning toward Henry so she could face him fully. Henry would adjust his large glasses, before giving a small bounce and walking over to the side of the clerk’s desk.
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There is a reason I never want to wake up, leave my room, or get out of bed in general. There's a reason why I'm so stressed and the thought of killing you seems sweeter. Yes I have a big mouth, but it's only because I have to shout over you so much. Maybe if I'm louder you'll hear me. Or maybe if you shut your mouth to listen instead of interrupt me all the time you would understand me. But even then, I'll never tell you anything. You'll never know of my privet life, of my struggles, the things I've gone through. Why? Because I know you don't care. And you'll turn around and blame it on me instead like you always do. I hate when I get sick because it's apparently always my fault. There's a reason I never tell you anything. There's a reason why I always wish I'd die.
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SO! After being gone for.... *looks at her watch* A very long time..... (sorry >.<) I have come back with some stories! Jaye and Skye's story is one that me and my S.O. are writing. So if it read's kind of weird, it's because Jaye's parts are written by my boyfriend and Skye's parts are written by me. I also have another two stories I'm going to be writing about. I hope you guys like them! 


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Hey guys! I know it's been quite some time since I've posted anything or talked and I'm quite sorry for that. Recently I've been going through a lot of trouble in my life. Dealing with my depression and not being able to get a job, I've even been facing becoming homeless several times. Hopefully soon though i will be able to get on here and post a lot of great stuff for you guys like I used to. I have some good stories and possibly good drawings that are coming along. And I hope that you guys are eager to see them too ^^.
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